We Asked A.I. Bots For Show Ideas: Here’s The Results

Getting Cramps On Your Period: An AI Generated Poem

Mother Nature, pretty flowers.

Going through the motions.

Orange juice, red stripes.

Can a computer wax poetic? Can a computer make art? Can a computer create a comedy show?

Well, the answer is yes… sort of.

Writing a new show can be filled with challenges, so we figured, heck… with all these advancements in A.I. Technology, surely these bots will understand our very niche and obscure subject matter and be able to help us out!

We’ve all seen the beautiful work from artificial intelligence– apps like Midjourney and Dall.E are accessible platforms capable of creating some dreamlike images from user input. The sky really is the limit as these bots put their best effort forward to express themselves. The work can be pretty clever, surreal, or just plain ridiculous!

A.I. bot-generated-content originated with the written word, with users “teaching” the bots anything from presidential speeches to movie scripts in an effort to produce hilarious results, or possibly find inspiration. Although, as we can see from some “less developed” bots, there’s just some things they’ll never fully comprehend.

Such as “clowns on their period“, or “tampon clowns” or “period humor” or “queer circus“.

These were our generator input texts as we let ‘er rip to find some fresh story ideas.

We tried the Hotpot.ai Sparkwriter, which uses A.I. to “brainstorm engaging topics for articles, videos, and podcasts that will captivate audiences.” And in case you’re wondering… computers haven’t figured out how to create to our aesthetic yet, so all we have is text humor!

Here are some of the best results:

-A mime holding a sign reading, “Drag Queen: Representing Gender, Not Making Shit Up”

-The tampon puppet show is a real mob hit and everyone goes wild

-The red nose is something that sticks

-Clowns have bad days too

-The pain of the daily tampon changes

-Cunt-waving backdrop

-Clown painting with a “flood” period pun

-Clown painting with a “cooch” period pun

-Clown wearing inappropriate clothing: rumpus

-A group of muscle-bound men show off their strength by fighting each other on the ground, while wearing smocks as tights, and crocheted “vaginas”.

-Come on out of the closet and blood it up

-What if you had a yarn puppet filled with tampons?

-What the hell is this

-A fun night of watching the show get really really icky icky icky icky

Or this really outlandish suggestion:

“Being abused like a rag doll while you’re

inches deep inside of your mother’s vaginaā€¯


There’s a few of these that don’t seem like bad ideas! Maybe they’ll show up as plot points, maybe not. The entirety of this experience is humor enough.

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